The World Hates Mitt Romney

By Floppotamus and Mona

I awoke from a bad dream to find myself still in a bad dream. The headline read “ The World Hates Mitt Romney” I half heartedly scanned the article. The article was claiming that people in Britain, France, and Pakistan didn’t think Mitt was all that great a person, who is unworthy to be a candidate and shouldn’t be considered for President. My initial thought was who cares what they think, it’s not their country but then I started thinking about it. I wondered if the majority of Americans could even name the leaders of those three countries and even if some could would they have an opinion on their leadership abilities. I doubted it. It then occurred to me that if Pakistan and France thought it was a bad idea for America it was probably a good idea for America as Pakistan pretty much hates America beyond the money it gets from it and France is still pissed because they blame us for them having to go to the 5 day work week and cutting their vacation time down to 4 weeks a year. Britain on the other hand thinks all Americans think about is money but are secretly jealous as they pay ¾’s of their incomes in taxes which fund a “hurry up and wait in line forever for service” socialized medical plan with no dental plan.. . And after spending all their money on health care those people could really use a quality dentist. My conclusion from the article, after dismissing the agenda of the writer, is A) Countries don’t like seeing other countries doing better than they are.. . For obvious reasons. And B) They believe they will get less aid money if Romney gets in. On a personal level. . . I’d vote for you, your neighbor or almost anyone else who isn’t Romney before I’d vote for Romney but since the two party system only allows me to vote for one of two extremes I’m going for Romney before the country goes to far to the left. And then pray that in four years we will be offered a reasonable candidate for President from a THIRD or FOURTH breakout party.

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