IPhones Must Be For Stupid People

In the latest Siri commercial, Zooey Deshanel (Zooey. .  Like that’s a real name) needs to ask her phone if it’s raining outside leading us believe the Hollywood . . . whatever she is, is either too lazy to look out the window or too stupid to know what rain is.  She then asks her phone to find a restaurant that delivers tomato soup as if opening a can of soup and warming it on the stove takes super human intelligence she doesn’t possess or. .    That’s one very lazy. . Whatever she is.  Finally, she looks at her messy living room and tells her phone to remind her to clean it . . Tomorrow. Like when she looks at the messy room tomorrow she might not realize it needs cleaning.  It’s intelligence like this that allows Hollywood celebrities to testify in front of congressional hearings about important issues or make movies with a message like the one on fracking.  I just hope Matt Damon has his siri IPhone with him to help him tell us why fracking is evil.

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