Sound Reasonings From Unsound Minds

In the height of hypocrisy, Bristol Palin (hey Brissle . . Get a real name) is being trashed by the left for being an unwed mother after she spoke out against Obama NEARLY (although the left is claiming victory saying Obama endorsed same sex marriage he didn’t he just said it should be legal which is not an endorsement merely a statement that he will tolerate it)  endorsing same sex marriage.  The hypocrisy comes from the left totally attacking Bristol (not a real name) for being an unwed mom and a less then satisfactory person of low moral values,  when just a few months earlier they trashed a republican political candidate for implying Natalie Portman was setting a bad example by celebrating her baby to be without matrimony. At that time they were outraged saying, republicans would have us all living in the stone-age and the guy was an asshole for thinking a woman today choosing to have a baby without being married is a bad thing.  Personally, until Bristol (not a real name) gets a real name I really don’t care what she has to say, and after she gets a real name, I still won’t care . . .as for the left. . The movie bully opens this weekend you should probably see it.

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