Bullies Suck

In the very liberal fashion of making rules for others but not themselves a Florida teacher bullied students she was not happy with by making them wear “The Cone Of Shame”. The cone is the kind that vets put on dogs to keep them from licking wounds but will do little to prevent the permanent wounds the teacher has inflicted on the students psyches from ever healing. When confronted with her actions the teacher dismissed the allegations of bullying by saying “ it’s semantics. . . It’s not bullying when they have it coming to them.”  Echoing the responses of Hillary Clinton and the President when they do it too.  Bullying has become a big problem in schools as teachers and school administrators continuously bully students into doing shit they want.  Just last month school administrators mentally tortured a 12 year old girl for several hours to get her to divulge her Facebook password in a paranoid delusion she had been bad mouthing school teachers and shortly there after a six year old girl was handcuffed for throwing a tantrum, those weren’t acts of bullying either says the teachers union.  Michelle Obama, Champion of the anti-bullying campaign said of the incidents, “Those don’t count under my definition of bullying as only the right can officially bully anyone,” and then asked a random reporter “Have you put that fatass kid of yours on a diet yet?”

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