Dinner At George’s

George Clooney ( who spends way too much time thinking about George Clooney) will host the much anticipated $40,000 a plate fundraising event for the 1% super elite rich. Clooney says they expect to raise 15 million dollars after deducting the costs of the event. Celebrities like Barbara Streisand, Robert Downey Jr. and Toby Maguire (people who are big stuff in Hollywood in spite of who they are) will be on hand.  The political adviser in charge of the dinner is trying to convince America that 2/3’s of the money raised was from “normal folks” who bought raffle tickets for a chance to attend the event but that is a hard sell as normal folk in this economy are saving their money to spend on expensive  dinners like mac and cheese and Gaines burgers. Some reporter for the L.A. Times ( yeah. . California . .  Like we just can’t get enough of it) says the event was designed to help Obama get some of his cool back (like he was ever cool to begin with) but the truth is transparently (the only thing transparent in the Obama administration) clear, it’s Clooney’s bribe attempt to get Obama to use his clout  to further Clooney’s agenda in the Sudan.  It is doubtful that the bribe will have any effect on Obama as a 15 million dollar bribe attempt is far below the bribe rate this President usually gets.

(George Clooney shown here thinking about George Clooney)

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