Slogans Are Important. . . They Think

The GOP has come up with a new campaign slogan for the Obama administration. They suggest replacing the slogan “Hope and Change” to “Hype and Blame”.  Personally I thought the old slogan was really accurate and I used the longer version quite a bit. “I ‘Hope’ he is not re-elected because the ‘Change’ was from bad to worse.”

No one can argue that Obama does blame everything bad that has happened on someone else.  As one Republican hit man put it, “He blames everyone and everything except the man in the mirror, from ATMs to the Japanese earthquake to Congress to oil speculators, airport kiosks. . . .I think he even blamed bad luck at one point.”

The DNC countered the GOP’s slogan by saying Romney should change his slogan to “Distort and Distract” not noticing it sounds nothing like a political slogan but oddly more like Army phraseology describing a tactic to be used.

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