I Am Obama . . Color Me Sceevy. .

Obama secretly slipped into Afghanistan under the cover of darkness in a disguised plane to give a campaign speech (that will paid for by taxpayer dollars) from a highly secret location to tell the American people that Al Queda is no longer a threat and it’s practically game over for the terrorist group but Obama needs a second term to finish the job.  Most Americans didn’t pay attention though as they were too busy trying either to not get laid off from their job or out trying to find a job. Obama will spend over a billion (yeah. . “B” for a Billion) (of other peoples money) in this election trying to secure a job for himself which is very telling in just how hard it is for out of work Americans to find jobs in this economy.  Which is what the President should be talking about at this moment instead of something America no longer cares about since they no longer feel Al Qaeda is a threat but the banks they paid to bail out taking their homes are.

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