Drones And Transparency

The White House purposely picked a face without a name to face the media yesterday on the use of drones. That way when the people figure out the sham they will blame that guy instead of the white house. The guy explained how targets were picked  and said the conference was to make the Obamacon administration transparent as promised. (since Obamacon hasn’t bothered to make shit transparent in the last 3 ½  years, and has refused more requests made under the “Freedom Of Information Act” than the last five presidents combined, you know it is just a political trick to look like he is being transparent when he’s not at all, especially since the guy didn’t reveal dick besides saying we find a bad guy and drone him trying not to kill too many civilians in the process).

The liberal left (democrats) have spent the last 50 years speaking out against violence and war but now appear to not only support violence and war but just can’t seem to get enough of it. The President is now bragging daily how he was the one who killed Osama  even though they had him captured and could have returned with him to face justice in front of the American people. The President also gave the green light to the CIA to drone at will across the border into Yemen in the Obamacon secret drone war that congress was not involved in deciding.  In a further attempt at even more violence Warbama  has sent American troops into Africa to help out in the many civil wars that are going on there.  Not to mention the troops he sent to Australia.

I’m sure I am not alone in resenting the use of drones. To me it’s the same as  targeting somebody with a car bomb.  It’s a pussies way to kill people while hiding.  And makes it way too easy. Being able to kill somebody in one country from another country without killing too many civilians makes it unnecessary to try to negotiate since there is little to lose by just launching drones. . . That sets a really bad precedent.

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