Joe Biden Thinks Americans Are Idiots

On “Meet The Press” today Vice President Joe Biden insulted the intelligence of the American people yet again by telling such blatant lies you would think you were listening to Richard Nixon.

On when the President got talking to the Russians on open microphone Biden said,  ”The president just stated the obvious.” In an election year, it is unrealistic to assume Mr. Obama would have “the flexibility to sit down and talk with people in this Congress…and be able to work with this problem, between now and Election Day.”  We all know that’s not stating the obvious. . That’s a lie. .  What the President clearly meant was he can make a deal but the American people will probably not like it so it would be better to wait until  after the election to make it.  If he was forced to make it before the election it would hurt his chances of re-election.  Or put another way. . .  If he sells us out before the election his chances are slim and none of being re-elected.  If it was a stand up deal in the making he could always announce it now and use it as a reason to vote for him. . .

Mr. Biden went on to say Mitt Romney wanted to “let Detroit go bankrupt,” apparently referring to General Motors and Chrysler and not the city. But GM and Chrysler did go bankrupt: their bankruptcies were decided by the president — not by a court — and rather than going forward with an infusion of private capital, the two businesses received $85 billion from the taxpayers, with at least $24 billion of that unlikely to ever be returned.

Mr. Biden then continued to lie by saying, “it made General Motors the largest corporation in the world” and “hiring…hundreds of thousands of new people.” Except of course it’s not the largest corporation in the world or even in the United States. It is #23 in the US measured by the number of employees. Its market cap is $41.9 billion; Apple’s is $575 billion. GM’s revenues last year were $135.6 billion; Wal-Mart’s were $421.9 billion. GM’s profits were $6.2 billion last year; AT&T’s $19.9 billion.

As for Mr. Biden’s claim that General Motors is hiring “hundreds of thousands of new people,” the car company has 208,000 workers today, compared to 263,000 at the time of Mr. Obama’s bailout.

Come on, Joe, this isn’t the school playground where you brag about stuff to other 4th graders who will actually believe your crap. . . This is America, man. . .  The place where you can plagiarize your college thesis and get away with it . .  If your family are rich assholes and believe that’s alright.

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