Is Apple Rotten To The Core?

The Apple Company (the company that has taken recurring revenue to a new level) is once again in hot water this time over E-Book price fixing. Did they do it?. . . Of course they did.  And when first confronted with the allegations the company said “Blow Me” and ignored the claims. Now the Department of Justice (aka The Keystone cops on mescaline) are suing Apple (but will probably lose because they are too busy trying to find out what the Constitution is).  Apple is a company that was built on the unethical and sometimes illegal business practices of its founder Steve Jobs (aka The stink Man) whose quest for power and money was only surpassed by his body odor, and was so greedy he cheated his own best friend out of bonuses while working for Nintendo. Apple recently was taken to task when it became public the working conditions in their Chinese plants were hazardous to its workers who they underpaid considerably.  Apple (fearing loss in sales) said it would fix the problem and did fix it by paying inspectors to announce publicly the Chinese factories were now safe and the employees have been given more money although it was never substantiated by outside sources.

Anache Marx, enemy of big business, who never misses an opportunity to enlighten anyone who will listen about the evils of big business and its oppression of the working class, surprisingly endorses Apple (because she thinks Steve Jobs was sexy) and even owns an ipad knowing full well it was made by slave labor in a dangerous workplace. . . . go figure. . .

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