Reverend Al Speaks out

In a speech yesterday Reverend Al Satan said “America needs to come together and stop the hate. . . . except it’s still ok to hate white things”.
















Is it any wonder America is such a confused place when its Politicians, Entertainers, Government and Media all use hate freely to advance their agenda.  America has turned into a country that believes if somebody has a different agenda or ideas than they have, don’t respect their right to express themselves. Instead take every opportunity to hate on them. Obama is a master of using hate but he does it in an un-hateful kind of way which  is even worse because a lot of people don’t realize what he is saying is hateful. A prime example of this is when he is talking about one of the policies he is calling his own but he got from somebody in the past and he says, “People who are against this are members of the “Flat Earth Society”. Youtube it, he uses the phrase constantly. What he is really saying is that if you don’t agree with me you are fuc*&%g stupid.  That’s why I joined the Flat Earth Society. . So I can feel special by being both hated on and bullied by the leader of the country who says he is against both. . .

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