“The Brain That Wouldn’t Die” A Review

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die

By Mona

“It’s Madness, Not Science!”

A part time surgeon (full time freaky mad scientist) experiments with body parts and dead people in an attempt to bring them back to life. (Sometimes by shoving a cattle prod into their brains and zapping their grey matter back to consciousness.)

After planning a quiet weekend at the cabin, Dr. Cortner – Jason Evers (The illustrated  Man, Escape the Planet of The Apes) and his girlfriend  Jan – Virginia Leith ( Black Widow, Toward The Unknown)  are driving along towards the cabin when Dr.Cortner guns the throttle and starts a one-car chase scene that ends when the car busts through a guard rail and rolls down a steep a hill.  Dr. Cortner is uninjured but girlfriend Jan’s head has been partly severed.  The doctor yanks her head the rest of the way off and races on foot to the cabin where he has a secret laboratory.  The doctor (who at this point can officially be called a mad scientist) sets Jan’s head in a roasting pan filled with Dr. Cortner’s secret transplant formula, hooks up some scientific looking equipment to her head and begins to keep her alive by hydroponics.  Jan soon regains consciousness and is a little more then just upset when she realizes she is now just a head floating in a pan of scientific chicken soup.  She begs and pleads with the mad scientist to just let her die but he won’t hear of it instead going out to try to find a girl who he can behead to use her body to attach to Jan’s head making her a woman again.  In the room where Jan’s head is at, there is a closet with a barred window. Inside that closet is one of the mad scientists failed experiments  that resembles “Hair Bear” from the cartoon “Hair Bear Bunch.”  While the mad scientist is out hunting bodies Jan verbally nags the beast into a state of hysteria and as the scientist returns with a suitable body for Jan the closet beast goes berserk and breaks out of its closet, attacks the scientist and burns the place to ashes killing them all.

The movie was made in 1962 by Rex Carlton productions who only ever produced one other movie called “The Devils Hand” (guess he liked to put names of body parts in his movie titles) and was directed by Joseph Green who in his 24 year directing career only directed three movies which all sucked.

As far as cheap “B” movies go, this one is OK.  It’s better than “Teenagers From Outer Space” and “Robot Monster” but not as good as “I Married A Monster From Outer Space” or “4D Man”.  It’s a twisted flick, so many people will find it enjoyable to watch, but you won’t want to see it more than once.

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