“The Creature Walks Among Us” A Review

The Creature Walks Among Us

By Mona

“The second sequel to The Creature from the Black Lagoon!”

That’s right folks,  first there was “The Creature From The Black Lagoon”. Then came “Revenge Of The Creature”, and finally the large than life triquel “The Creature walks among us”.

If you are a fan of “Creature from the Black Lagoon” and just got excited finding out there are even more movies about the very cool gill man, calm down.  While “Revenge of the Creature” is cool like the original, “The Creature walks among us” is pretty different and quite frankly. . Not as good.

A scientist (who actually is a mad scientist but we don’t know that till later in the movie) puts together a group of other scientists and heads out from an island in the Florida keys to capture the creature.  They sail into an unknown river and with the use of a sonar-like device start scuba-diving in search for the creature.  Their plan is to capture the creature and perform various experiments on it for reasons that are not really explained but sound brutal and terrifying.  As they dive they discharge rotonone ( used by state game and parks to kill entire lake fulls of fish) in an attempt to stun the creature.  Later that night they take a small motor boat out to search some more for the creature and discharge even more rotonone into the water as they go.  Suddenly the creature jumps in the small boat and tries to use a five gallon Johnny can full of gasoline as a weapon but instead douses itself in gas.  One of the scientists tosses a smudge pot at the creature setting it a flame.  The monster jumps back into the water but is soon overcome by what the scientists are calling “The Drug”.  They capture the unconscious creature and see it is badly burned. They bandage it from head to toe (making it look exactly like the mummy from the movie “The Mummy”) and notice that its gills have been so badly damaged it can no longer use them.  Fortunately the creature came equipped with a back up set of lungs and is from here on out an air breather.  When the bandages are removed the creature has evolved into a half creature half man beast that looks like a cross between Actor Tor Johnson and a russet potato.   At that point the movie really gets interesting.

The lead role is handled in typical Jeff Morrow (This Island Earth, The Giant Claw) fashion by Jeff Morrow who plays the good scientist Dr. William Barton who is misled by the evil scientist Dr. Thomas Morgan played by Rex Reason (This Island Earth, Sign of the Pagen) who intends on surgically turning the creature into the future of mankind.  Lee Snowden ( Hot Rod Rumble, Frances in the Navy) plays the evil scientist’s wife Marcia who is spoiled rotten, doesn’t listen and makes trouble for everyone on board, but is way hot looking so it’s OK.

Creature was made in 1956 and directed by John Sherwood (The Monolith Monsters, Raw Edge). It was produced by Universal Pictures.

Although probably not as good as the other two gill man movies “The Creature Walks Among Us” is a fun movie to watch.  It’s better than most “B” Movies and for a hardcore fan of sci/fi horror a must for you movie library.

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