“Attack Of The Giant Leeches” A Review

Attack Of The Giant Leeches

By Mona

“Fear will pierce your flesh… Until every nerve in your body… EXPLODES!”

A half lit moonshiner is poaching in a unnamed swamp at an unnamed location when he eyes a creature that looks like a black plastic trash bag with a German car emblem glued on the front of it.  He stumbles back to town and announces his find to a bunch of half-liit hillbillies at the local bar.  Nobody believes him.  A few more hillbillies disappear and a search party consisting of two rednecks and a jug of rot-gut moonshine (probably distilled through a car radiator) go to search the swamp.  They disappear also. The game warden, played by Ken Clark ( Mission Bloody Mary, 12 to the Moon) sees the giant leeches while he is searching for illegal traps in the swamp and deduces they are responsible for the missing hillbillies.  Jan Sheppard (The Doomsday Flight, A Man Called X) flawlessly executes the role of the game warden’s girlfriend helping to advance the story plot with lines stolen from a comic book instead of shooting them on film. The game warden believes the giant leeches are living in underwater caves at the bottom of the swamp and sets off charges of dynamite in the swamp.  Soon the bodies of the missing hillbillies all float to the top as the giant leeches are blown into sushi.

The movie never tells how the giant leeches got in the swamp in the first place or how they became giant leeches. It also never says why the giant leeches capture people and take them to the underwater cave where they are still alive until the game warden kills them with the dynamite blast. OOPS. .  But thankfully it doesn’t have one of the giant leeches survive the blast to stick around for a sequel.

The movie was made in 1959 and directed by Bernard Kowalski (Night of the Bloodbeast, Ssssss) it was produced by American International Pictures.

The movie is silly without intending to be and the really horrible monster design keeps it from being at all scary.  That being said, it’s still a fun movie to watch and will have you thinking to yourself “ really?. . You got to be kidding me” several times thoughout.  The corny dialogue, bad monsters, and just plain crappyness of the movie makes it so bad it’s worth seeing.

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