Matt Damon To Star In New Movie

Matt Damon is going to star in a new anti-fracking movie called “Promised Land”.  Damon also co-wrote the screenplay. Although Damon is a quality actor and I like his movies he probably isn’t the who’s who when it comes to the merits of fracking.  Remember it’s Hollywood that thinks eating human placenta is a good thing and chewing your child’s food then spitting it into their mouth is good parenting and that‘s just in the last two weeks.  If I were weighing the merits of fracking I sure wouldn’t be letting Hollywood tell me what to think about it.  And I’ll bet you huge amounts of mullah the movie has no better ideas to offer than fracking.  In typical Hollywood fashion they are going to make a movie saying I don’t have any solutions to the problem besides saying your solutions suck.  It’s such a sadness people believe the stuff they see in movies.  Anache Marx still believes Joe Pesci and Tommy Lee Jones killed Kennedy after seeing JFK back in 1991 and can’t watch a Joe Pesci movie without announcing “He killed Kennedy” to everyone in the room.


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