“The Crawling Eye” A Review

The Crawling Eye

By Mona

“The nightmare terror of the slithering eye that unleashed agonizing horror on a screaming world!”

On the side of a mountain, near a small Swiss village, lives a  radioactive cloud of terror.  Hiding inside the cloud is a giant horrific eye of mortal doom.  The mountain is called “The Trollenberg” and is a popular spot for mountain climbers who, if unlucky fall victim to the crawling eye who rips their heads off.

Forrest Tucker (The Abominable Snowman, The Strange World Of Dr. X) leads the cast as Alan Brooks an American scientist asked by a colleague, Professor Crevett (Warren Mitchell (Waking The Dead, Moon Zero, Two) to come investigate the bizarre tragedies on the mountain.  Jennifer Jayne (The Black Widow, They came From Beyond Space), plays Sarah Pilgrim, the sister of Anne Pilgrim (Janet Munro, (The Day The Earth Caught Fire, Cry Wolf))  who has telepathic abilities and does a Las Vegas style mind reading act with her sister Sarah.  Lawrence Payne (Vampire Circus, The Lady Killers) handles the role of Philip Truscott the nosy reporter trying to get to the bottom of the Trollenberg Mystery.

The Crawling eye appears to have some mind control abilities able to force less intelligent people into carrying out it’s dastardly schemes but is no match for Anne Pilgrim who can read it’s mind . . Kinda . . After a fashion.

As the unlikely group get closer to the truth behind the mountain climbing tragedies the Crawling Eye senses it’s days are numbered and launches a pro-active strike against the group in an attempt to kill them before they can kill it.

The Movie was made in 1958 and directed by Quentin Lawrence (The Secret Of Blood Island, Doomwatch) who was also a physicist and held patents on nuclear reactor control rod technology.  The movie was produced by Tempean Films.

The Crawling Eye is everything a “B” movie should be. Tight claustrophobic scenes, crisp dialogue, and a double portion of creepy terror. If you’re a horror buff this is a real eye popper. . . . See it. ..

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