“The Amazing Transparent Man” A Review

The Amazing Transparent Man

By Mona

“The Man that’s both an adverb and an adjective”

Douglas Kennedy (The Alligator People, Invasion From Mars) handles the role of Joey Faust, a hardened criminal who breaks out of  prison with the help of bad guys that turn him invisible and force him to steal radium so they can mutate an army of invisible soldiers to sell to the highest bidder.

James Griffith (The Vampire, The Night Stalker) plays the role of Major Paul Kenner who is no longer a Major but instead a diabolical ruthless crime boss with his finger on the trigger of a  ray gun that turns people invisible and runs on radium.  Kenner’s plan to create an invisible army to sell to the highest bidder is going smoothly until he discovers his lackey in crime (Kennedy) is secretly using his invisibility to score big money heists on the side.

The thing nobody but the writer realizes before it’s too late is that the effects of the ray gun wear off after a while which could be a problem if you suddenly became visible in the process of doing something you shouldn’t.

The movie was directed by Edgar G Ulmer (Daughter Of Dr. Jekyll, Man From Planet X) and produced by Miller Consolidated Pictures in 1960. Its running time is 57 minutes but when you watch it it feels more like 657 minutes.

The movie’s title “The Amazing Transparent Man” is by far the best thing about this film.  It’s boring and not fun to watch.  The best comparison I can make is, picture yourself watching paint dry underwater in slow motion, but after thinking it over I’d rather watch the paint dry.

If you can think of anything else to do instead of watching this movie. . .  Do that instead.  Calling this movie a “B” movie is an insult to the letters B,C,D and probably F.  Miss it if you can. . .

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