“The Day Of The Animals” A Review

Day Of The Animals

By Mona

“Something Is Out There….something so evil it paralyzes the soul”

“God sent a plague down upon us. . Because we’re just a bunch of no good fellers.” With dialogue like that how can you go wrong?  With the ozone layer depleting rapidly (from spray can usage. . .yeah Anache will eat this shit up) ultraviolet rays of radiation are cooking the higher elevations of the country causing all the animal life to organize into groups, calculate strategic plans and ultimately kill humans.  This is a movie that will make the “Save the Earth” people feel all excited. . .  like they have butterflies in their underwear.   But since the movie was made back in 1977 we need to pretend like it really could happen . . . And would happen exactly in this way.

A group of hikers, lead by Christopher George (Project x, The Devils eight) get dropped off by helicopter for a trek through the mountains.  Linda Day George (The Invaders, Fear No Evil) and Michael Ansara (Abbot and Costello Meet The Mummy, The Time Tunnel)  offer moral support and spiritual guidance when the animals start ambushing the hikers.  Leslie Nielson (Forbidden Planet, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea) plays the bad man who goes berserk from the radiation and starts dispatching the hikers himself.  The rest of the cast are all familiar faces but are there only to be savaged by the animals.

The Movie was directed by William Girdler (The Grizzly, Three on a Meathook) and produced by Film Ventures International. It’s a decent movie but not good one.  There’s a lot of animals in it doing crazy shit which are coolest parts of the movie and very entertaining.  The scene where the guy is killed by rattlesnakes and a dog in front of a six year old girl is exceptionally chilling.  The ending however is just plain stupid.  The writers obviously didn’t have a ending so they faked one.

If you’re into animal horror this is one you probably need to see.  But it’s not a movie you would want to actually spend money on to add to your video library.

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