“Teenagers From Space”

Teenagers From Space

By Mona

“Teenage hoodlums from another world on a horrendous rampage!”

Aliens from a distant planet come to Earth with plans of using Earth to grow “Gorgons” which is food for the aliens.  They do this because their home planet is so overpopulated there is no room to grow food.  And because Gorgons grow to the size of a building and tear shit up.

Derek, played by David Love (this is his only acting credit for a movie) is one of the teenage aliens left on Earth to see if the Gorgon can survive here.  Dawn Bender (also the only film credit was this movie) plays Betty Morgan the love interest of Derek.
There are other characters in the movie but they really don’t count.

The “Gorgon” is a huge black shadow of a lobster because the producers blew all the budget on Jack La-lanne jumpsuits for the aliens to wear and couldn’t afford to buy a real monster. The aliens only have one death ray gun which turns anything shot into a skeleton but it breaks in the middle of the movie (probably ran out of death ray budget).  All of the aliens are at least 25 years old as are the humans, making these guys the oldest teenagers ever.

“Teenagers from Space” is a cheesy bad “B” movie.  It’s entertaining as long as you keep your expectations low. It’s not worth seeing more then once and makes you hungry for seafood as you watch it.

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