Another Failed Obama Policy

As I foretold earlier when Obama made student loans easier and cheaper to get, colleges and Universities would raise the price of  classes.  And that’s exactly what is happening.  Who didn’t see that coming right?  It’s almost as if Obama planned to secretly fund his college buddies while looking like he was attempting to help the country.

The results of the Obama policy are seen today in California when students protesting class fee hikes were pepper sprayed by college security when they tried to attend a meeting of college trustees who were going to vote on raising core class fees by four times what they are now. A core class will go from 150 dollars to 600 dollars.

Other colleges across the nation have already or have planned the same kind of fee increases. The end result of the Obama policy is that the people he said he was going to help are now being punished by having to pay even more for education then they would have if he had done nothing.  Although they can get a loan to do it far easier.

Government is so short sighted it cannot see the ramifications of the stuff it does.  It’s such a sadness.  Will the public sector pay more for applicants with degrees?  You know they won’t . . . They will be to busy passing the “tax the rich Obama plan” on to you.

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