“Mesa Of Lost Women” A Review

Mesa Of Lost Women

By Mona

“A Race Of Deadly Spider-Women Luring Men To Their Death”

A movie so bad it could injure you just watching it.  1953 was a good year for movies and wine but this is neither.  Although whiny at times the alleged movie is about as close to good as infinity plus one.  Possibly one of the worst movies ever made.

Shame on Ron Ormand Productions for releasing this piece of celluloid cancer.  And shame on Ron Ormand ( The Grim Reaper, The Burning Hell) for attempting to direct anything other people can see, even for free.   This movie is so bad it would have to climb four letters to be considered a bad “B” movie. .  Or considered a movie at all for that matter.  From the looks of it the budget for the picture was around four bucks in food stamps..  . And those were probably somebody else’s food stamps.

The Quasi-Movie stars ( although stars is pretty big word for what these people did) Jackie Coogan ( The Space Children, Escape From Terror) as the Mad Scientist, and Lyle Talbot (Amazon Women On The Moon, Glen Or Glenda) as the narrator. As well as a bunch of other people who should never again have anything to do with anything involving film.

The plot (if you can call it a plot) is based on a very bad idea of having a mad scientist inject women with giant spider venom to create a race of super women. Why?. .   It never says.  However there are plenty of cow sized spiders in this movie ( It’s really the same spider shot from different angles that was probably rented from the Universal prop room) and some dwarfs (probably rented from the Snow White sound stage).  The high point in the almost film is the soundtrack (Lifted from the movie “Jailbait”), which is  fifteen seconds of  a flamenco guitar and piano looped so it keeps repeating and played over and over though out the 70 minutes of this criminal offense.

If you want to hurt yourself go ahead and watch “Mesa of Lost Women” if you want to hurt someone else . .  Give it to them as a gift. .  Anonymously

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