“Target Earth” A Review

Target Earth

By Mona

“Raw Panic The Screen Never Dared Reveal”

A movie that had Classic potential but fell short due to the cardboard box robots with dryer vent tubing legs.

Richard Denning (The Day the World Ended, Creature with the Atom Brain) and Kathleen Crowley ( Curse of the undead,  City of Shadows) star as a couple on the run in this 1954 Abtcon Pictures Sci/fi thriller.

The plot is an interesting one.  Los Angles has been attacked and is under control of robots from Venus. Denning awakes (after being conked on the head in a robbery and unconscious  for 12 hours) to find the city has been evacuated. Crowley awakes after a botched attempt at suicide by sleeping pills to find the same thing.  They meet each other in the vacant streets and try to figure out what has happened to all the people.  As they walk around the city they come across a pair in a restaurant one of whom is the lovely and talented Virginia Grey (House of Horrors, Slaughter Trail) who is later shot by a menacing criminal. As the foursome gathers on the street they spy the robots.  The rest of the movie is pretty much them playing cat and mouse with 4th grade art project robots.  Until the army saves the day.

The first half of the movie is definitely a keeper.  An empty Los Angles is a surreal creepy place and two people not knowing why it’s like that is quite scary.  Finding a few dead bodies adds to the effect. But once the crummy robots appear with their cheesy death rays the movie’s a wash.

It’s an entertaining movie but not probably one you would recommend  to a friend.  However. . ..   Go ahead and watch it. . .

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