“Monster On The Campus” A Review

Monster On The Campus

“The education is just beginning”

College Professor Donald Blake (Arthur Franz ( Invaders from Mars, Flight to Mars)) unknowingly becomes exposed to irradiated coelacanth blood while doing research. The exposure transforms him into a crazed murderous missing link cave man creature who runs amuck the college campus killing a teacher and a police detective.

The Dean’s daughter and Blake’s girlfriend Madeline Howard (Joanna Moore, (Touch of Evil, Run Christie Run) and mother of Tatum O’Neal) believes Blake is working too hard and the visions he is having are merely illusions and un-real.

The police detective (Judson Pratt, Futureworld, The Incredible Hulk) has collected footprint and fingerprint evidence,  but they are more creature like than human.

If you are thinking this sounds like a Jack Arnold directed Universal picture from somewhere around 1958, you would be right. If you’re thinking the movie sounds like a real treat and would be fun to experience. . .you would be right again. . .  If you are thinking with all this movie has to offer who could want anything more. .  You would be almost right.  For extra bang for your buck they added Troy Donahue (The Monolith Monsters, The Chilling), (And who looks like a grown up version of Dennis the Menace) in the role of Jimmy, a college student and friend to Dr. Blake.  Now it has it all.

Monster is a solid product delivering scares and chills without the blood and gore.  The special effects are not all that special, even for 1958 but you won’t even notice, especially during the giant dragon fly scene.

Monster on the Campus is a movie that scares instead of shocks and is worthy to have a place in your video library.

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