One More Reason why Your Government Is Failing you

Anache Marx mystifies me. .  Recently Anache and myself had a heated debate over the pentagon firing the US Marine that put Obama’s face on the movie poster from ‘Jackass”  and subsequently said he would not follow the orders of  the commander and chief and criticized  Obama’s policies  on his Facebook page.  To me it wasn’t about the one marine but about the hypocrisy of the Government to defend the Constitution if it helps them or to dismiss it when it works against them.  Anache’s view was the pentagon has a rule you can’t speak out against the President and therefore the marine should be tossed.  My view was every American has rights under the Constitution  and the pentagon or anyone else for that matter cannot infringe upon those rights. I thought about pointing out to her about the pentagon rule saying no gays in the military and how her argument was nothing but political and if she followed the same logic she now follows on the firing of the marine was ok because the pentagon had a rule thing, the no gays in the military would still be rule and there would be no gays in the military. And even go farther in reminding her there is nothing in the constitution at all about gays anywhere  so the gays in the military rule isn’t even illegal under the constitution unlike infringing on one’s freedom of speech by the Government. But decided not to mention it knowing it would incite her more as she is a fierce supporter of gay rights.  For the record, I don’t care at all about gays one way or the other, I don’t care about what goes on in anyone’s bedroom and think it’s very strange that other people do. I do however resent the constant press and political posturing that comes with the whole gay rights deal and feel like gay rights have become way more important than your rights.

Is the marine getting fired even a big deal?  I think it is because it wasn’t handled by those involved locally but instead by the pentagon. . . Why would the pentagon be involved in such a tiny matter as one marine and his Facebook posts? You know the answer to that. It was a clear attempt by the pentagon (probably on orders from the white house) to bully and oppress like thinking service men into not speaking out against policies they feel are wrong, immoral, unethical, and illegal. It’s a dangerous precedent  whenever Government oppresses freedom of speech.

Walmart In Trouble . . For Acting Too Much Like Government

Walmart is in hot water with the powers that be but the bigger question is, does the American government have the right to regulate behavior of Americans and or American business beyond its borders, like say in Mexico?  The adage “When in Rome do as the Romans do” seems to be really bad advice these days and probably needs to be down dated (the opposite of updated, used when something takes a step backwards instead of progresses) to something like “When in Rome do as the Americans”.  But. . I guess that still wouldn’t work either because the American Government uses bribery to bribe foreign officials, greasing the palms of anybody and everybody that can help with any American agenda throughout the world.  How about this for an adage, “while in Rome do as I say not as I do while still doing as the Americans.”  Yeah I know . .It gets complicated.  It becomes even worse when you consider American Government loves the opposite. (but only for itself not for any of its people or businesses.)  Politicians love to take bribes, which by their own laws would be illegal.  The latest example would be Joe ‘General Motors hires hundreds of thousands of people and is the biggest company in the world’ Biden taking Campaign Contributions (fancy name for bribes) from Turkish and Middle East business men.

A word of advice: If you go on vacation in Amsterdam, stay out of the coffee shops (fancy name for dope stands) and brothels or you might find yourself in a heap of trouble with the American Government. . .   But if you are going to risk it and go to those places anyway. . .  Tell them you are a Secret Service agent, it will be funny.

What The Fuck Is Wrong With Germans

A German judge ruled that puppies cannot be killed on stage after it became public a German artist was planning to strangle two puppies on stage with plastic cable ties in a provocative theater piece that the artist claims is the same plight of Spanish hunting dogs and Alaskan sled dogs.  Earlier in the week two German art students conducted an online poll for voters to decide whether or not to cut a sheep’s head off using a guillotine.  If you’re wondering what kind of fucked up deranged mind can think up shit like this you are not alone.  But I must confess I must be a fucked up deranged mind also because when I heard this story I wanted to strangle a German with a cable tie and then guillotine two others on camera. . . .   God help me. .

State Of Fear

We all know the Government keeps its people living in a state of fear so they stay complacent, willing to put up with anything, and will keep obeying.  The latest weapon in the Government’s scare tactic arsenal to keep you inline. . . . “GNOMES OF MASS DESTRUCTION” . . . they haven’t quite worked out the kink that gnomes are not very terrifying but they are working on it.


The Door In A Certain Place

This is the actual door to the fifth dimension.  Sure it doesn’t look like much but on the other side of this plain looking door is the dimension of the mind.  The most powerful  concept in the theory of the Universe.  It can create or destroy, it is good and evil, safety and danger, It is all, it is everything.  Open this door if you dare but be warned. Once through the doorway shit gets really crazy.