Wall Streets In Need Of Repair

When the Government bailed out wealthy Wall Street with the money from hard working Americans it didn’t make the hard working American’s dig deep enough into their almost empty pockets because news is Wall Street will lay off 12% of it’s workforce very soon.  The 21,000 workers to be laid off will most likely not enjoy serving your burger your way in their next new job created by the Obamacon jobs plan.

National Nancy Kulp Day

Today is national Nancy Kulp day (aka Jane Hathaway from Beverly Hillbillies). Nancy was a stellar character actress and pretty much was on at least one episode of every tv show ever made during her acting career.  She led the early fight for gay and lesbian rights by not talking about her lesbianism as a political issue but instead just going about her business like ordinary people.  To celebrate Nancy Kulp day everyone should just go about their business like they ordinarily do.

Government Opresses Blind

A blind man was ticketed for not picking up his guide dogs dog pile in a local park. The man told the officer he couldn’t see so he couldn’t pick it up but the officer was un-impressed and wrote the blind guy a ticket for $106.  There is a law that exempts the blind from having to pick up after their service animals but even when the blind man called the city council they were un-sympathetic and told him to pay the fine. .. .  Figures. . .

20 Year Light Bulbs

20 year lights are now available for around 60 bucks a piece. Yeah. . I agree. .  Whoever let the Government nose into the light bulb business was a real dumb ass with a head full of bad ideas.

The twenty year light bulb costs at least 3 times more then 20 years of light bulbs and throws a least 3 times less light.  .   stupid?. . . you bet. . .