The Media ( A Suggestion)

The media should think about what it’s writing for headlines.  It is understood a headline is meant to peak the curiosity of the reader in an attempt to get them to read the article but sometimes they either just don’t think or are using bad judgement. An example would be today’s headline “U.S. fingers Afghan in troop deaths?”  Which leaves the reader wondering if they should be offended or amused.  Either way, I’m not reading that ! !

Using a hand Mixer?

There is a correct way to use a hand mixer, it’s called “The Floppotamus way”. When mixing most anything put the bowl in the sink, that way the beaters don’t chuck gunk everywhere, especially when you start lifting them out to let them fling stuff for easier cleaning. . . . Your mess will be contained in the sink making clean up far easier. . .

NASA Announces Findings

NASA concludes after carefully studying photographs sent back to Earth by satellite of the surface of Jupiter that no life exists on Jupiter.

(picture sent back to Earth of Jupiter’s surface)

A scientist says, “We didn’t believe there was life there.  And now the scientific evidence confirms it.”

No More White House

In an attempt to appease the Ultra Radical Extremist Left like Al Sharpton and Anache Marx who believe anything with the word “White” in front of it is racist, the Federal Government today officially changed the name of the “White House” to “Da Main Man’s Crib”.


They also applied a fresh coat of paint letting “Da Main Man” pick the color.  When asked to comment on it Al Sharpton said “The world is a better place anytime there is less white in it.”

“Beginning Of The End” A Review

Beginning of the End

By Mona

“New Thrills, New Shocks, New Terror”

A movie so incredibly bad it’s awesomely good. Audrey Aimes played by Peggy Castle ( Target Zero, Back From the Dead) and Dr. Ed Wainwright played by Peter Graves ( It Conquered the World, Killers From Space) work as an unlikely pair to destroy a herd of giant bloodthirsty grasshoppers heading slowly towards Chicago eating a lot of people on the way.

Dr. Wainwright (Graves) is working with radioactive isotopes and food plants mutating the plants to grow huge fruits and vegetables to feed the worlds growing population.  A colony of grasshoppers get inside a grain bin and eat Wainwright’s irradiated wheat which causes them to grow to the size of city buses. Ace Reporter Audrey Aimes sniffs a newspaper article with her name on it and investigates.  Frank, who is Wainwright’s right hand man ( and deaf and dumb from radiation exposure) attempts to help the two get to the bottom of the situation but is killed by the grasshoppers early in the movie ( ever see a deaf and dumb mute trying to scream in terror as he gets attacked by giant grasshoppers?. . . It’s a troubling and a hilarious sight).

The acting in “Beginning of the End” is believable enough. But the special effects . .. Not so much.  The giant grasshoppers look comical and make a very loud mechanical screech sound whenever they are shown.  The best special effect was the car phone in Audrey Aimes car she calls her editor from.  This movie was made in 1957, I‘m fairly certain car phones came much later.

As the grasshoppers near Chicago the Army decides to evacuate the city and drop an atom bomb on it to kill the giant bugs, Wainwright and Aimes work together on a plan to save the city and herd all the grasshoppers into lake Michigan where they will drown.  Guess how it turns out. . .  Or better yet watch the movie.