Somebody Needs Two Interventions. . . One Is Not Enough

Author of books with plots borrowed from other peoples books, long-winded Stephen King today wrote an op-ed piece called “Tax me for fucks sake.” in the article King talks about the wealthy one per-centers saying, “The majority would rather douse their d**ks with lighter fluid, strike a match, and dance around singing ‘Disco Inferno’ than pay one more cent in taxes to Uncle Sugar.” He continued, “don’t buy the idea that the rich are job creators: What the wealthiest really do with their cash is invest, often overseas.” He said some other shit, too, but it was even stupider and not worth the time to include here.

The article reminded me of something sounding more like Joe Biden than Stephen King but the picture that was with the article was definitely the geekishly horrible looking King so I’m assuming it was King’s article.

Stephen King has made a handsome living writing fiction, usually taking an idea from somebody else’s book mixing it with a gallon of Jack Daniels and passing it off to his publisher as his own work. Today’s article was no exception.  When King says the majority of the rich would rather light their genitalia on fire and dance and sing rather than pay one more cent to the Government he is obviously drunk, and not your normal kind of drunk either, but more the bombed out of your gourd kind of drunk. I’m talking waking up in the morning wearing only your underwear in the neighbors front yard holding a toothbrush you have never seen before, drunk. I challenge the geek stick King to find ONE rich person who would choose to set his goodies on fire rather than shelling out one more penny to the Government. Or for that matter I double challenge him to even find a middle class or a poor person who would make that choice.

When King said the rich don’t create jobs they invest he again is babbling like the drunkard he is, investments are what create jobs. . .DUH. . .  But if you take what the lush says as fact than America is truly fubar, if the rich aren’t going to create jobs and Obama can’t seem to create a job, I guess there will be no more new jobs, and with Wall street laying off and all the Obama funded environmental companies laying off as well as the post office, pretty soon nobody will have a job. . . Then what?”

Although most everything King said in his article were the words of a man who has just drank two liquor stores and is not sure if he is on Earth or Uranus he was right about one thing. When he refers to the Government as “Uncle Sugar” ( translated from 160 proof into English means “Big Money”.)

Anarchists Say “It Wasn’t Us”

Five terrorists were arrested yesterday when they tried to blow up a bridge in a park in Ohio. Three of the five terrorists are proclaiming themselves “Anarchists”  which is an insult to Anarchists everywhere. An Anarchist is quoted as saying, “I’m sure once they investigate they will find that these terrorists are nothing more than left wing extremists trying to advance their agenda through violence.” He continued, “Anarchists find this attempted act of civil disobedience offensive, despicable, and a waste of a good, solid bridge.”

20 Year Light Bulbs

20 year lights are now available for around 60 bucks a piece. Yeah. . I agree. .  Whoever let the Government nose into the light bulb business was a real dumb ass with a head full of bad ideas.

The twenty year light bulb costs at least 3 times more then 20 years of light bulbs and throws a least 3 times less light.  .   stupid?. . . you bet. . .

One More Reason why Your Government Is Failing you

Anache Marx mystifies me. .  Recently Anache and myself had a heated debate over the pentagon firing the US Marine that put Obama’s face on the movie poster from ‘Jackass”  and subsequently said he would not follow the orders of  the commander and chief and criticized  Obama’s policies  on his Facebook page.  To me it wasn’t about the one marine but about the hypocrisy of the Government to defend the Constitution if it helps them or to dismiss it when it works against them.  Anache’s view was the pentagon has a rule you can’t speak out against the President and therefore the marine should be tossed.  My view was every American has rights under the Constitution  and the pentagon or anyone else for that matter cannot infringe upon those rights. I thought about pointing out to her about the pentagon rule saying no gays in the military and how her argument was nothing but political and if she followed the same logic she now follows on the firing of the marine was ok because the pentagon had a rule thing, the no gays in the military would still be rule and there would be no gays in the military. And even go farther in reminding her there is nothing in the constitution at all about gays anywhere  so the gays in the military rule isn’t even illegal under the constitution unlike infringing on one’s freedom of speech by the Government. But decided not to mention it knowing it would incite her more as she is a fierce supporter of gay rights.  For the record, I don’t care at all about gays one way or the other, I don’t care about what goes on in anyone’s bedroom and think it’s very strange that other people do. I do however resent the constant press and political posturing that comes with the whole gay rights deal and feel like gay rights have become way more important than your rights.

Is the marine getting fired even a big deal?  I think it is because it wasn’t handled by those involved locally but instead by the pentagon. . . Why would the pentagon be involved in such a tiny matter as one marine and his Facebook posts? You know the answer to that. It was a clear attempt by the pentagon (probably on orders from the white house) to bully and oppress like thinking service men into not speaking out against policies they feel are wrong, immoral, unethical, and illegal. It’s a dangerous precedent  whenever Government oppresses freedom of speech.

A Word On The Media

Isn’t it funny how every source of media in the country will run a story on how Mitt Money D likes to eat peanut butter and sardine sandwiches which makes him unfit for President but fail to run stories like Obamacon using 8.3 Billion (with a B) dollars of YOUR money in his re-election campaign to deceive seniors on Medicare Advantage cuts until after the election.  Or how James Lovelock the lefts go to man on all things environmental admitting not only he was he wrong about Global Warming caused by man and will fry the Earth but also states Al Gore is also wrong with his entire perception of Global Warming. . . I guess funny isn’t the right word for it. .

Anache Needs A New Roof

Anache Marx and I had a conversation on insurance today.  She believes everyone is entitled to health insurance even those with pre-existing conditions.  I said that would be called something but not insurance and made an analogy. If a person with a leaky roof went out and bought house insurance because the leaking rain was ruining the inside of the house would the insurance company pay for a new roof? Of course not, that would be called a pre-existing condition.  Insurance is what you pay for INCASE bad shit happens, not to fix shit after it’s already broke.  The fact is you would never buy a policy from an insurance company that paid for pre-existing conditions in homes. You would see the premiums are like a thousand times higher then a normal house policy and you would buy that instead.  But that’s what Anache Marx and Obamacon want you to do with the Obamacon health care plan.  And that’s fine if that’s what the people want,  just don’t call it insurance because it’s not, it’s socialized medicine. And although Obamacon vowed that he would not add one penny to the already incredible deficit the country now faces with his Obamaconcare, common sense should tell you that’s a bald face lie and I would tell him to  his bald face he is lying when he says shit like that. Health care in this country is a major concern.  I get it. . .  But having socialized medicine should be carefully considered and not something disguised as a better insurance program.

Propaganda. . .

Remember when you were young and were led to believe that other countries’ Governments  ran their media and told their peoples what to think about stuff. .  Propaganda?. . . Boy! America was way behind the times then.  Look around now though. . .  The Government and Media both tell us how to think about stuff.  I mean even try to find a story in the media that is reported without being attacked at the same time or a story that’s not attacking the other side at the same time. . . Propaganda?. . .

Obama Takes Credit For Actually Creating A Job. . But Did He?

Today President Obama boasted in a speech that his policies have led to many new jobs.  An attending reporter, wondering what the hell the President was talking about asked,  ”What new jobs are you referring to?” Obama curtly replied, “jobs with the Secret Service.” The reporter was later seen being escorted away wearing handcuffs.