Yes. . . Yes. . . . The dude lies. . seriously. . .

By Floppotamus 

I was recently baffled when people in my own family said the President doesn’t lie. It was truly a “WTF” moment for me as I assumed everyone realized Government lies and some Presidents lie more often then they tell the truth. I honestly believed everyone knew politics was a sceevy business full of unsavory characters but nobody really cared as long as they were left alone and comfortable.

Lies come in several forms, there are the blatant in your face lies, there are deceptive blatant lies, then there are ones that turn out to be lies over time but may not have been lies when promised. The first lie I can actually remember by a President or candidate was when Jimmy Carter promised to legalize pot. At the time I was like in grade school and didn’t have an opinion either way on it but he didn’t do it. Looking back now Jimmy Carter would have gotten my vote if I had been older and boy or boy I would be calling him a dirty rotten liar for that one. The rule politicians should have learned but didn’t from Carter is Rule # 1 Don’t promise shit you KNOW you can’t deliver. Making excuses after the fact like “Congress wouldn’t let me” is total crap when you knew going into the deal it had no chance in congress. It makes the President look weak and stupid when he uses that lie. The next liar I can personally remember was Bush Sr. Reagan probably lied I dunno I really wasn’t paying that much attention to him although I don’t think he probably was much of liar since he had no problems saying shit like he gay people deserved aids and suggested we start bombing Russia in ten minutes. Bush senior lied when he said “Read my lips. . No new taxes”. The kind of lie that one was really depends on if your on the right or the left. If your on the right you might claim he believed it when he said it but shit just got worse. If your on the left you probably think he either was to stupid to see that a tax hike was necessary or he was blatantly lying. Any way you look at it was still lie and rule # 1 still applies. Bush Sr probably told more lies but nothing was really going on and nobody really cared. After Bush came Clinton. Through my eyes Clinton perfected the lie. Clinton was the one who made me think I was actually a republican, of course I realize now that wasn’t true but it took years to come around and start thinking clear after him. In the liar’s hall fame Clinton has the largest picture on the wall. Clinton was Joe Isuzu’s idol. If Pinocchio was Clinton his nose would have been so long we could walk on it clear to Mars. It could of saved us billions in spaceships. I’m not saying Clinton was a bad President, some good stuff came out of him. At one point while President we had a zero deficit, he also deregulated a bunch but now claims the problem with the economy was caused from deregulation to try to get Obama re-elected. Go figure. . . Clinton lied a lot, from saying shit like “I don’t know that woman” and “I didn’t have sex with that woman” to claiming Hilary turning $1000 into $100,000 practically over night in a single stock trade was legit and done without insider trading. He also lied and continues to lie about Rwanda saying he didn’t know what was going on there when he had sent instructions to the delegates at the U.N. stopping the U.N. from going into Rwanda and continuing the slaughter by machete. That’s the biggy in my book. He lied about having a health care plan, he had no plan at all for health care. They tried to hurry and make a plan called the Hilary plan but it was so bad they took her name back off it and it found zero support with anyone. The guy is was total liar.

Bush Jr. lied. Weapons of mass destruction and all that jazz. That one got us into war so other lies he told really seem trivial after that. Either politics changed during the Bush era or I really started paying attention. A lot of it had to do with the war and gave politicians a opportunity to grab some power as the people had strong beliefs about war. When McCain ran against Obama it seemed everyone started lying and lying big time although it may have started earlier when Bush ran against Gore. . Unsure exactly. . But there were a lot of lies floating about at that point.

When Obama ran against McCain I was on the fence. That’s the only time I didn’t vote in a Presidential election since I was 18. That’s also the time I started feeling really cheated by the two party system as neither party thought like I did. McCain didn’t win so his lies don’t really count beyond saying he lied. Okay. . to my family members that actually believes the President doesn’t lie here it is. “My first order of business will be to close Gitmo”. Obama never considered closing Gitmo and as President signed into law a law that prohibited keeping suspected terrorists on American soil which at the present time only leaves Gitmo unless we can bribe another country into letting us build a prison in their country which is doubtful because it would make their country a target. The left was trying to use Bush’s torture Gitmo prisoners shit to get votes and thought by saying close the torture chamber people would sign on. It was a crafty plan and worked but still was a deceptive bald face lie. Gitmo is the only way we can keep an eye on Cuba and being 90 miles from us it’s kind of important to watch them not to mention the Cuban Government doesn‘t like us. . Remember the missile crisis? Another lie was Libya is about civilians. The truth is Libya was about everything BUT civilians. Libya was about getting Qudaffi cause he has been a thorn in Governments back for years. It was about getting Qudaffi because of the Lockerby crash. It was about getting Qudaffi because we don’t like him. It was about oil. It was about business. If you really gave a shit about civilians you wouldn’t drop effin bombs on populated areas. Bombs don’t care who they kill. Barry Goldwater said “ If your going to drop a bomb your going to kill civilians” I think everyone would agree on that. Another lie was when Obama said his stimulus plan would create 5 to 6 million jobs. I don’t care how you try to spin it didn’t happen. And even after the first stimulus failed he did a half sized second stimulus calling it the jobs stimulus and said Ok people this time. . Yeah yeah. .. . If it didn’t work the first time most people would think it stupid to try again expecting a different result. I could spend all day citing lies but I got better shit to do. I’ll suffice by saying now Obama is going around making a whole new batch of promises while distancing himself from the promises he made the first go around that never got done.

If you think, after reading this it is biased you might be right but I’m not claiming it as an objective piece of writing. It’s just my view. Like I say I’m in the middle not on either the left side or the right side. . I’m the more dangerous. . the middle side. . . Fear us for if we get ever get the power the country changes for real.

The World Hates Mitt Romney

By Floppotamus and Mona

I awoke from a bad dream to find myself still in a bad dream. The headline read “ The World Hates Mitt Romney” I half heartedly scanned the article. The article was claiming that people in Britain, France, and Pakistan didn’t think Mitt was all that great a person, who is unworthy to be a candidate and shouldn’t be considered for President. My initial thought was who cares what they think, it’s not their country but then I started thinking about it. I wondered if the majority of Americans could even name the leaders of those three countries and even if some could would they have an opinion on their leadership abilities. I doubted it. It then occurred to me that if Pakistan and France thought it was a bad idea for America it was probably a good idea for America as Pakistan pretty much hates America beyond the money it gets from it and France is still pissed because they blame us for them having to go to the 5 day work week and cutting their vacation time down to 4 weeks a year. Britain on the other hand thinks all Americans think about is money but are secretly jealous as they pay ¾’s of their incomes in taxes which fund a “hurry up and wait in line forever for service” socialized medical plan with no dental plan.. . And after spending all their money on health care those people could really use a quality dentist. My conclusion from the article, after dismissing the agenda of the writer, is A) Countries don’t like seeing other countries doing better than they are.. . For obvious reasons. And B) They believe they will get less aid money if Romney gets in. On a personal level. . . I’d vote for you, your neighbor or almost anyone else who isn’t Romney before I’d vote for Romney but since the two party system only allows me to vote for one of two extremes I’m going for Romney before the country goes to far to the left. And then pray that in four years we will be offered a reasonable candidate for President from a THIRD or FOURTH breakout party.

Hi Oh The Dairy-O The Farmer Goes To Jail

A farmer in Minnesota says he has the right to deliver raw milk products to customers that want them and refuses to stop doing it. Now he faces criminal charges under the states food safety laws.  Anache Marx would love this guy as she too has a very bizarre opinion of what a right actually is.  I doubt the Constitution gives anyone the right to deliver bacteria laden food products to other people but if somebody doesn’t mind having the quick step every other day,  puking twice a week and likely to catch a hefty case of the ptomaine,  actually wants the products, who are we to “know what’s best for them”. .  I say . .  If they want it . . Let them have it. .

Slogans Are Important. . . They Think

The GOP has come up with a new campaign slogan for the Obama administration. They suggest replacing the slogan “Hope and Change” to “Hype and Blame”.  Personally I thought the old slogan was really accurate and I used the longer version quite a bit. “I ‘Hope’ he is not re-elected because the ‘Change’ was from bad to worse.”

No one can argue that Obama does blame everything bad that has happened on someone else.  As one Republican hit man put it, “He blames everyone and everything except the man in the mirror, from ATMs to the Japanese earthquake to Congress to oil speculators, airport kiosks. . . .I think he even blamed bad luck at one point.”

The DNC countered the GOP’s slogan by saying Romney should change his slogan to “Distort and Distract” not noticing it sounds nothing like a political slogan but oddly more like Army phraseology describing a tactic to be used.

The Whole Truth

There is a misconception in this country perpetuated even more by Obama and Romney. Everyone has heard them say it . . Over and over in fact. But the truth is when you hear them tell you, “The poor do not pay any taxes” that is a LIE.  Fifteen states (almost a third of the country) taxes people whose income is below the poverty line.

The current poverty line figured by the Federal Government is $23, 018.

In Alabama a family of four earning at the $23,018. level will pay $548 dollars in income tax and a single parent family of three making $9800. is subject to tax.

Illinois starts taxing a family of four when their income reaches $13,100 which is 57% of what the Government says is poverty.

Hawaii taxes incomes that are 77% of the poverty rate.

Oregon taxes incomes that are 88% of the poverty line

Georgia starts taxing a family of four when their income reaches $15,900 which is 69% of the poverty line.

It’s interesting that the Government thinks its alright to tax people that by its own standards live in poverty and even more interesting they tell us their not doing it. .. ..very sad. ..


I Am Obama . . Color Me Sceevy. .

Obama secretly slipped into Afghanistan under the cover of darkness in a disguised plane to give a campaign speech (that will paid for by taxpayer dollars) from a highly secret location to tell the American people that Al Queda is no longer a threat and it’s practically game over for the terrorist group but Obama needs a second term to finish the job.  Most Americans didn’t pay attention though as they were too busy trying either to not get laid off from their job or out trying to find a job. Obama will spend over a billion (yeah. . “B” for a Billion) (of other peoples money) in this election trying to secure a job for himself which is very telling in just how hard it is for out of work Americans to find jobs in this economy.  Which is what the President should be talking about at this moment instead of something America no longer cares about since they no longer feel Al Qaeda is a threat but the banks they paid to bail out taking their homes are.

You’re Kidding Right?

The headline read “Sister Christian” still rocks. I didn’t read the article for two reasons. . . First “Still Rocks” implies that at one time it actually rocked to begin with, and “Sister Christian” never did that.  And the second reason. . . “Night Ranger” sucked. .  not your normal kind of suck, but more like you get trapped in a elevator that only plays “Slade” tunes kind of sucked.. . . .

Drones And Transparency

The White House purposely picked a face without a name to face the media yesterday on the use of drones. That way when the people figure out the sham they will blame that guy instead of the white house. The guy explained how targets were picked  and said the conference was to make the Obamacon administration transparent as promised. (since Obamacon hasn’t bothered to make shit transparent in the last 3 ½  years, and has refused more requests made under the “Freedom Of Information Act” than the last five presidents combined, you know it is just a political trick to look like he is being transparent when he’s not at all, especially since the guy didn’t reveal dick besides saying we find a bad guy and drone him trying not to kill too many civilians in the process).

The liberal left (democrats) have spent the last 50 years speaking out against violence and war but now appear to not only support violence and war but just can’t seem to get enough of it. The President is now bragging daily how he was the one who killed Osama  even though they had him captured and could have returned with him to face justice in front of the American people. The President also gave the green light to the CIA to drone at will across the border into Yemen in the Obamacon secret drone war that congress was not involved in deciding.  In a further attempt at even more violence Warbama  has sent American troops into Africa to help out in the many civil wars that are going on there.  Not to mention the troops he sent to Australia.

I’m sure I am not alone in resenting the use of drones. To me it’s the same as  targeting somebody with a car bomb.  It’s a pussies way to kill people while hiding.  And makes it way too easy. Being able to kill somebody in one country from another country without killing too many civilians makes it unnecessary to try to negotiate since there is little to lose by just launching drones. . . That sets a really bad precedent.