Space . . The New Battlefield

When Obama made the decision to all but close NASA by raping its funding he didn’t consider the ramifications of what he was actually doing and now it may be late for mankind. Evil capitalist  billionaires like Pay Pals mogul Elon Musk (a diabolical arch villian’s name if I ever heard one) and Microsoft’s Paul Allen (who hasn’t chosen a diabolical arch villain name yet but is considering “Raxton Apokilips”) have launched their own space program with world domination on their minds.  On May 19th the first villain rocket is scheduled for lift off and will be carrying a death ray weapon as well as equipment for the deadly and dreaded death star space station. Clark Kunt reporter for the Daily Planet is the only one trying to warn the Earth that it will be soon held for ransom as the world has no defense against the super colossal death ray the billionaire evildoers possess.  When asked about the plot of evil domination Obama replied “that’s not good.”