Protect Your Pet

With the world a crazy and dangerous place these days don’t leave your loved pet un-protected.  Get them a Floppotamus Brands “The Name you can Trust” bullet proof Kevlar vest.  Don’t let that errant bullet meant for a random mall shopper or bullying school student cost you your dearest possession.  Get one today. .

Available at Floppomart and other fine stores

Floppotamus Brands Presents “All Natural Water”

Floppotamus Brands, the brand you can trust, is now offering “All Natural Water”.   All Natural Water is not chemically treated or filtered with environmentally unfriendly filters. It’s just natural fresh water. If you’re environmentally conscious try 100% untouched, fresh “All Natural water”














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Floppotamus Brands Newest Product “Manna From Almost Heaven”

Floppotamus Brands, the name you trust, introduces a product like no other.  You read about it in the bible and now the  Floppotamus Brands SED (Spiritual Enlighteness Department) has brought you “MANNA FROM ALMOST HEAVEN”.  Floppotamus Brands the name you can trust Manna has EVERYTHING in it that keeps you healthy and energized just like the Heavenly kind. And comes in five delicious flavors

Available at Floppomart and other fine stores