What in the Hell is wrong with OUR Government?

Hillary “Boom Boom” Clinton announced today at a conference for the people of Syria that America (along with some other countries who have a head full of bad ideas) will begin paying Syrian rebels to fight to overthrow the Syrian Government.  An attempt will also be made to pay Government soldiers to defect to the rebel side.

American Government needs to stop this kind of bullshit.  There are peoples all over the world rebelling against oppressive Governments but only the suffering of people whose country has oil seem to matter to our Government and our media (for some strange reason).

The truth is we have enough problems here at home and in reality what goes on in other countries (as sad as it is) is really none of our business. If America spent all the money it is blowing meddling in other countries affairs creating opportunities for the American people . . . . never mind. . . .   That won’t happen. . American Government only feeds on it’s people it never serves them. . . .

Crazy Actress eats placenta. . egads!

Yikes. Seems like the former Betty Draper is a bit of a scary ice princess after all. Mad Men actress January Jones, who plays Don’s chilly ex, reveals to People that she’s eating her baby boy’s placenta. The placenta “gets dehydrated and made into vitamins,” she explains. “It’s something I was very hesitant about, but we’re the only mammals who don’t ingest our own placentas.” It’s not as disgusting as it sounds. Yes, Miss . .woman named after a month instead of having a real name. . .it is very disgusting. . revolting even.  We are also the only mammals that don’t crap on the ground. . .are you going to start doing that too?   And. .  isn’t eating human body parts against the law?. . and by the way not all mammals eat their own placentas. . . just off hand I would argue nether whales or purposes eat them. .  And the platypus doesn’t even have a placenta, it’s a mammal that lays eggs. .  So Mrs. noted mammal authority . .  .  shut the hell up . .  freak. .

Obama Caught on Live Mic

Today . .. Obamabomb was caught. . on a live microphone. . . telling the Ruskies he couldn’t sell out America until after the election. If he was forced to do it sooner he would not be electable OR  they wouldn’t get the deal THEY wanted.  Ok . .  he didn’t use those exact words but you tell me what “Tell Vladimir I need time to make a deal and I’m facing an election, after the election I’ll have a lot more flexibility to make a deal,”  means then.   This is the very same thing he told Israel a few weeks back in regards to using the U.S. military against Iran, and that was covered in great detail by the Israeli news source Harretz ( I guess the Israeli Government is more honest with their people) but not mentioned in the American press. .  go figure. . The American people deserve a Government that doesn’t get involved in secret back room deals.  And Politicians that can set sound policy in an election year.  Too often the Government does things that they feel are in their best interest when the American people feel it is inappropriate and often sceevy.  If you wouldn’t be comfortable reading every detail of the deal you just made in the newspaper you probably shouldn’t have made that deal.  Even using the word “Deal” instead of making an agreement is a red flag that something isn’t right. . Remember Transparency in Government?.. . . Obama doesn’t.   ..


Obama Cashes in on Kid’s Death

President Obama weighed in on the Trayvon Martin shooting today with attempts to cash in on the boy’s death and score points by spouting crap somebody else wrote for him. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” he said at the White House today,  except of course he would not look like Trayvon at all, he would look like you or Michelle . . duh. “When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids.( no. . obviously you thought about how you could exploit this tragedy for your own good).  I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this. And that everybody pull together.”  I’m sure the parents of all the other murdered children in the country are wondering why Obama didn’t stand up and speak when their child was murdered.  I guess your kid don’t count unless it’s an election year.  Obama set a new low today and shame on him.

Obama Makes Pick To Head World Bank

It boggles the mind how a person in such great power and of allegedly sound mind can not seem to learn from his mistakes.  Today in a stroke of stupidity beyond the transfinite President Dumbama chose Dr. Jim Yong Kim to head the World Bank.  Kim, who is a doctor and Elite College President  by profession is less qualified then probably most of America for the post and the closest he has ever been to fiance was counting the money he made as a lobbyist for global health.

The World Bank, who offers loans, advice, and resources to over a hundred countries needs the leadership of a person who understands how things work in real life and not ideas and concepts of tenured College Professors in a classroom. (Those who can’t do . .Teach)

Dumbama Is like the Anti-Elephant who just can’t remember, having early in his administration surrounded himself with College Professors and on their advice flushed the American economy down the crap hole in record time.  Only then did he turn to business men and people who actually do something to try to undo what was already done.  In the words of Herman’s Hermits “Second verse . . Same as the first”.

Women In Politics

Sure women should be in politics. .   as long as they are not there just because they are women. I know I know if you listen to the outspoken women that are already in politics and the media  you walk away feeling like they think everything is an entitlement.  But don’t be overly judgmental.  You can’t blame women for wanting things and wanting other people to pay for it.  Everyone is like that. . ESPECIALLY in Washington.  .

Kirsten Gillibrand is the Senator from New York.  She took over the seat when Hillary vacated it to become Secretary of State. I agree Hillary would make a good Secretary. .  but in an office someplace not as Secretary of State.  She pretty much sucks at handling people, especially Ben Netanyahu, people in power don’t like to be told what to do by somebody with a lower title from another country.  Anyway. . .

Kirsten Gillibrand says she is going to ask Hillary to run for President in 2016.  Well. . you knew somebody was going to but maybe not five years in advance.  I wonder if Gillibrand is already sending out birthday invitations for her birthday party for the year 2016 too.

Gillibrand also said she agrees with Hillary on women’s reproductive rights being under attack. . . Yeah I heard the Hillary rant. I dismissed it as political posturing by Hillary, who never has missed an opportunity to posture, get a sound bite or a photo op. (even though he is really filling out, especially in her face, and should reconsider her stand on photo ops).

I’m not sure who exactly she is talking about when she says women’s rights are being attacked though.  If it’s Santorum,  he’s attacking EVERYONE”S reproductive rights and not just the women.  If she is talking about the GOP not wanting to have birth control in the Obama-care health debacle she is misleading us.

It’s true Washington and the Media are trying to define contraception as a health issue.  And in an attempt to garner up more support and incite anger they are calling it a “women’s health issue”.  Come on people, think about it.  Contraception is not a health issue it’s a lifestyle choice.  Now if you want to start putting lifestyle choices in the Obama-care quasi plan, I’m thinking free rum and cokes and medical marajuhoohoo.  After all they relieve stress and stress is a medical condition and can lead to strokes and heart attacks acks acks.

The truth is IF there is to be an Universal health care plan at all it must be affordable.  More along a line of a major medical plan.  Having coverage that pays for preventive check ups, school physicals, and contraception might be nice but it would be too expensive. Use your head you know I’m right.

It’s Officially A Fact

Today the Cern nearly-scientists finally admitted that their neutrinos are NOT faster then the speed of light.  The media are all saying shit like “Einstein can rest easier now. .. blah blah,” failing to realize that Einstein was never nervous about the Cern claim mostly because he was too busy laughing at the stupidity of the Cern wannabes and the crazy media that were just dying to believe.  Totally embarrassed, adding their I.Q’s up on their Texas instruments scientific calculators to make sure they are smart enough to be scientists, they are now trying to claim some kind of un-natural and bizarre victory by claiming neutrinos can travel at the same speed as light. Like that’s a big deal?. . . Hardly. . I can telekinetically bend their minds like spoons at the speed of light and I don’t need a super collider to do it.  Cern’s next big experiment will be when they attempt to prove that ducks float NOT because of weight displacement or duck is lighter then water but because duck particles contain very small life preservers. .. . ; And oh yeah. . Don’t forget . . It was ME that told you first the Cern geeks were wrong and I did it last SEPTEMBER!

Another 9th Curcuit Court Horrible Decision

 A federal appeals court on Wednesday rejected a lawsuit from conservation groups that want to block wolf hunting and trapping that have killed more than 500 of the predators across the Northern Rockies in recent months.

The ruling from a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Congress had the right to intervene when it stripped protections from wolves last spring.

Lawmakers stepped in after court rulings kept wolves on the endangered list for years after they reached recovery goals. Wildlife advocates claimed in their lawsuit that Congress violated the Constitution’s separation of powers by interfering with the courts.

Again the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Clowns and Appeals shows America precisely how stupid it is by making decisions not based on law or the Constitution but on whims, fancies and moods of the moment.  These clowns need to be fired and the 9th Circuit Court aborted.

The Washington Post are stupid people with a toxic agenda

Yesterday the Washington Post attempted to build the case that Obama is not at fault for high gas prices. The article included 4 or 5 small minded, poorly thought out arguments defending Obama in what sounded more like a campaign speech then a work of journalism.

The reason Obama is responsible for high gas prices is very simple and has little to do with anything in the Washington Posts article. The impression of Americans is that Obama has little or no control over what is transpiring in the Middle East and that this administration appears to react to situations as they occur but somehow don’t see situations coming. Sure Obama could control gas prices if he stood up in front of the country and said he was in control of the situations in the Mid East and laid out his plan to the people that included why we are even there, a clear timeline of what will take place there, and most importantly what policies he already has in place to deal with any loss in oil output from the instability in the region. If Obama told the people for example, “I am expecting one million less barrels of oil per day to hit the market because of Iran so I already have a signed agreement with both Canada and Brazil for an option to purchase 5 million barrels per day. .  and at a lower price. . .blah blah”. . .This would assure the people and the speculators that all is under control, and send a clear message to the speculators that this is not an opportunity to raise prices.  Politics is appearance. . .

The down side of course is that Obama could no longer use the Mid East as a tool to keep Americans living in a state of fear, trying to scare people into believing we need him, while at the same time keeping them scared enough to stay docile and not cause trouble.


“Mitty” Knows NFL Team Owners. . Ommmm I’m telling mom. .

Some less then satisfactory media D-Bag named Bob Quinn, and probably a plethora of other media D-Bags from the D-Bag union are trying to make the case that Mitt Money D is unfit for the Presidency because he knows NFL owners thus making him too rich.  Sure .. Mitt Money is unfit for the Presidency but not because he knows anyone rich, famous, or infamous.  As a matter of fact. . BOB. . (The un-mighty) Quinn you f%&kragious non-thinking imp stain, knowing a NFL owner or a NASCAR owner would be kind of cool and I bet most people would like to know one. If Mitt Money D is friends with cool people like NASCAR owners that’s very cool and a reason to vote for him.  But I’m going to, Mitt Money has issue problems. . and he’s sceevy like Clinton was.