Bank Of America To Cut 2000 Jobs

In an earlier story I told you about Wall Street planning to cut 12% of its workforce after taking Government bailout money and using it pay themselves huge bonuses and take fancy trips. Now it seems the banking industry (who did the same thing with their bailout money,  supplied by hard working Americans who don’t know what the words vacation or bonus even mean) are laying off employees across the country the latest being Bank of America. Sure Bank of America is trying say the layoffs are due to something else, in this case, buying Merrill Lynch, but since this is not an isolated event and other banks having been laying off for a number of months you can apply the duck rule.  If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck what is it?. . .it’s a duck.

One of the problems when the Government bails anybody out is that it keeps the incompetent people who made the business fail in charge.  If the Government did not bailout the stock market, the banks, the senate barber shop, or Detroit. Business would have moved in and taken over those industries tossing the incompetents out on their elite asses and given the Government a whole new cast of players the politicians couldn’t count on for the perks they receive now.

The real losers in these kind of Government polices are of course the American people who have to pick up the tab for the bailouts while they watch the elite squander their hard earned dollars on million dollar bonuses major players receive for failing while living from paycheck to paycheck.

Drones And Transparency

The White House purposely picked a face without a name to face the media yesterday on the use of drones. That way when the people figure out the sham they will blame that guy instead of the white house. The guy explained how targets were picked  and said the conference was to make the Obamacon administration transparent as promised. (since Obamacon hasn’t bothered to make shit transparent in the last 3 ½  years, and has refused more requests made under the “Freedom Of Information Act” than the last five presidents combined, you know it is just a political trick to look like he is being transparent when he’s not at all, especially since the guy didn’t reveal dick besides saying we find a bad guy and drone him trying not to kill too many civilians in the process).

The liberal left (democrats) have spent the last 50 years speaking out against violence and war but now appear to not only support violence and war but just can’t seem to get enough of it. The President is now bragging daily how he was the one who killed Osama  even though they had him captured and could have returned with him to face justice in front of the American people. The President also gave the green light to the CIA to drone at will across the border into Yemen in the Obamacon secret drone war that congress was not involved in deciding.  In a further attempt at even more violence Warbama  has sent American troops into Africa to help out in the many civil wars that are going on there.  Not to mention the troops he sent to Australia.

I’m sure I am not alone in resenting the use of drones. To me it’s the same as  targeting somebody with a car bomb.  It’s a pussies way to kill people while hiding.  And makes it way too easy. Being able to kill somebody in one country from another country without killing too many civilians makes it unnecessary to try to negotiate since there is little to lose by just launching drones. . . That sets a really bad precedent.

Pentagon Uses Propaganda To Smear Reporter. . .

In a tactic that may have been learned from our leadership, the Pentagon is now smearing journalists that write less than shining stories about it.  It seems the Pentagon set up Facebook accounts and other social networking forums under a reporter’s name and lied about him in an attempt to discredit him. Then, they even went so far as to change his wiki entry showing him in an unfavorable fashion.  When the reporter and others started asking the Pentagon about the smear, all the accounts were erased.  Is this the kind of leadership America deserves from its Government?. . . .This is the kind of shit that the Government accuses other countries of doing. . . When is enough, enough?. .  Add one more scandal to the Obama administration. . .

Joe Biden Thinks Americans Are Idiots

On “Meet The Press” today Vice President Joe Biden insulted the intelligence of the American people yet again by telling such blatant lies you would think you were listening to Richard Nixon.

On when the President got talking to the Russians on open microphone Biden said,  “The president just stated the obvious.” In an election year, it is unrealistic to assume Mr. Obama would have “the flexibility to sit down and talk with people in this Congress…and be able to work with this problem, between now and Election Day.”  We all know that’s not stating the obvious. . That’s a lie. .  What the President clearly meant was he can make a deal but the American people will probably not like it so it would be better to wait until  after the election to make it.  If he was forced to make it before the election it would hurt his chances of re-election.  Or put another way. . .  If he sells us out before the election his chances are slim and none of being re-elected.  If it was a stand up deal in the making he could always announce it now and use it as a reason to vote for him. . .

Mr. Biden went on to say Mitt Romney wanted to “let Detroit go bankrupt,” apparently referring to General Motors and Chrysler and not the city. But GM and Chrysler did go bankrupt: their bankruptcies were decided by the president — not by a court — and rather than going forward with an infusion of private capital, the two businesses received $85 billion from the taxpayers, with at least $24 billion of that unlikely to ever be returned.

Mr. Biden then continued to lie by saying, “it made General Motors the largest corporation in the world” and “hiring…hundreds of thousands of new people.” Except of course it’s not the largest corporation in the world or even in the United States. It is #23 in the US measured by the number of employees. Its market cap is $41.9 billion; Apple’s is $575 billion. GM’s revenues last year were $135.6 billion; Wal-Mart’s were $421.9 billion. GM’s profits were $6.2 billion last year; AT&T’s $19.9 billion.

As for Mr. Biden’s claim that General Motors is hiring “hundreds of thousands of new people,” the car company has 208,000 workers today, compared to 263,000 at the time of Mr. Obama’s bailout.

Come on, Joe, this isn’t the school playground where you brag about stuff to other 4th graders who will actually believe your crap. . . This is America, man. . .  The place where you can plagiarize your college thesis and get away with it . .  If your family are rich assholes and believe that’s alright.

Is Apple Rotten To The Core?

The Apple Company (the company that has taken recurring revenue to a new level) is once again in hot water this time over E-Book price fixing. Did they do it?. . . Of course they did.  And when first confronted with the allegations the company said “Blow Me” and ignored the claims. Now the Department of Justice (aka The Keystone cops on mescaline) are suing Apple (but will probably lose because they are too busy trying to find out what the Constitution is).  Apple is a company that was built on the unethical and sometimes illegal business practices of its founder Steve Jobs (aka The stink Man) whose quest for power and money was only surpassed by his body odor, and was so greedy he cheated his own best friend out of bonuses while working for Nintendo. Apple recently was taken to task when it became public the working conditions in their Chinese plants were hazardous to its workers who they underpaid considerably.  Apple (fearing loss in sales) said it would fix the problem and did fix it by paying inspectors to announce publicly the Chinese factories were now safe and the employees have been given more money although it was never substantiated by outside sources.

Anache Marx, enemy of big business, who never misses an opportunity to enlighten anyone who will listen about the evils of big business and its oppression of the working class, surprisingly endorses Apple (because she thinks Steve Jobs was sexy) and even owns an ipad knowing full well it was made by slave labor in a dangerous workplace. . . . go figure. . .

Reverend Al Speaks out

In a speech yesterday Reverend Al Satan said “America needs to come together and stop the hate. . . . except it’s still ok to hate white things”.
















Is it any wonder America is such a confused place when its Politicians, Entertainers, Government and Media all use hate freely to advance their agenda.  America has turned into a country that believes if somebody has a different agenda or ideas than they have, don’t respect their right to express themselves. Instead take every opportunity to hate on them. Obama is a master of using hate but he does it in an un-hateful kind of way which  is even worse because a lot of people don’t realize what he is saying is hateful. A prime example of this is when he is talking about one of the policies he is calling his own but he got from somebody in the past and he says, “People who are against this are members of the “Flat Earth Society”. Youtube it, he uses the phrase constantly. What he is really saying is that if you don’t agree with me you are fuc*&%g stupid.  That’s why I joined the Flat Earth Society. . So I can feel special by being both hated on and bullied by the leader of the country who says he is against both. . .

Matt Damon To Star In New Movie

Matt Damon is going to star in a new anti-fracking movie called “Promised Land”.  Damon also co-wrote the screenplay. Although Damon is a quality actor and I like his movies he probably isn’t the who’s who when it comes to the merits of fracking.  Remember it’s Hollywood that thinks eating human placenta is a good thing and chewing your child’s food then spitting it into their mouth is good parenting and that‘s just in the last two weeks.  If I were weighing the merits of fracking I sure wouldn’t be letting Hollywood tell me what to think about it.  And I’ll bet you huge amounts of mullah the movie has no better ideas to offer than fracking.  In typical Hollywood fashion they are going to make a movie saying I don’t have any solutions to the problem besides saying your solutions suck.  It’s such a sadness people believe the stuff they see in movies.  Anache Marx still believes Joe Pesci and Tommy Lee Jones killed Kennedy after seeing JFK back in 1991 and can’t watch a Joe Pesci movie without announcing “He killed Kennedy” to everyone in the room.


Marine Fired From Corps. . .

Remember the Marine who spoke out against Obama and superimposed Obama’s face on a movie poster for “Jackass” the movie?  Well .. . he’s been tossed out of the Marines.  If your thinking your right to Freedom of speech and Freedom of expression only count if your a left wing dumbass democrat hell bent on making rules for others that don’t apply to yourself your absolutely right.  And as a member of the “Flat Earth Society” I’m offended that Obama keeps trying to categorize wingnut right wingers as members of our Flat Earth Society and I am calling for his ejection from the country. .  . It’s only fair. .

Another Failed Obama Policy

As I foretold earlier when Obama made student loans easier and cheaper to get, colleges and Universities would raise the price of  classes.  And that’s exactly what is happening.  Who didn’t see that coming right?  It’s almost as if Obama planned to secretly fund his college buddies while looking like he was attempting to help the country.

The results of the Obama policy are seen today in California when students protesting class fee hikes were pepper sprayed by college security when they tried to attend a meeting of college trustees who were going to vote on raising core class fees by four times what they are now. A core class will go from 150 dollars to 600 dollars.

Other colleges across the nation have already or have planned the same kind of fee increases. The end result of the Obama policy is that the people he said he was going to help are now being punished by having to pay even more for education then they would have if he had done nothing.  Although they can get a loan to do it far easier.

Government is so short sighted it cannot see the ramifications of the stuff it does.  It’s such a sadness.  Will the public sector pay more for applicants with degrees?  You know they won’t . . . They will be to busy passing the “tax the rich Obama plan” on to you.