Mona commits to paper her feelings about Meatloaf


By Mona

Meat Loaf is yummy
inside your tummy
and better when it’s free
It’s good for a meal
when closing a deal
with your father’s sister Lee

It’s mysterious meat
probably from a cow’s seat
or its lips or its eyes or its feet
But it tastes really good
just like food should
A flavor that can’t be beat

So get yourself some
Cause this poem is done
I’ve said all that needs to be said
you know it is great
it’s really first rate
the taste goes straight to your head.

Mona Pens a “Miku”

My Eyes                                                                                                                           

By Mona

” I like my eye holes”
” They hold my eyeballs in well ”
” I can see shit good”

(A “Miku” is akin to a “haiku” but with a Mona Twist)

Mona Pens Poem For Prizes

Mona has gone ahead and entered the western Kansas Dregs County annual Poetry Contest at the County fair in Plugsville Kansas.  Her contest offering is entitled “ Meals”.

By Mona

Pass the Bacon
Pass the Ham
It’s lunch I’m makin’
Dinner’s Lamb

The first prize for the contest is dinner for two at “Larry’s Chicken Ranch”. Mona says if she wins she is going stag and will eat both meals herself.

Way to go Mona!